I Made a Fez!

Inky's Finished FezLadies and gentleman, the first piece of crochet I designed myself!

No, above that. The fez.

Ever since I made my first Pac-Man ghost, I wanted to complete the full set. Last week (or so) I finished Inky, but decided that he would look better if I made him a little hat. I got about half way through it, decided it would make an awesome fez. I wrote the pattern down as I went:

Worked in rows, not a spiral.

First, the top of the hat:
SC 6 into magic ring               (6 stitches total)
INC in each SC                     (12 stitches total)
repeat (SC, INC) for one row       (18 stitches total)
Finish off with invisible finish

Sides of the fez:

I did this by SCing around each post in the last row of the
top, making a 90 degree turn. I did 4 rows of SC (again, rows
not spiral). After I made it, I wondered if HDCs or DCs would
have looked better.


To top things off, I made a simple chain. CH 14 worked out
perfectly for me. I attached the last chain stitch I made to
the top of the hat. To give the fez's chain a little fuzz, I
cut the other end of the yarn from my slipknot short and
frayed it a bit. I tied another short piece of yarn around
that first CH and frayed it too.

If you haven’t seen it, you can find the invisible finish on Planet June. When I showed Inky to a few people, they all liked it; but they really spoke up when they saw his cute little fez.