B17 Flying Fortress


Last weekend I finished making a copy of the B17 Flying Fortress that GE posted on Thingiverse earlier this year. To get it to print easier I split it up into individual parts instead of one printing plate and scaled it up 20% to max out the wing length on my Thing-o-Matic’s build platform. After some paint I think it looks really good.

Painting it turned out to be a big hassle. I tried using an airbrush, but I didn’t want to spend too much to start out. As a result, I spent less than $30 on the whole setup. Everything worked decently except for the little propellant can. I had seen warnings online about how poor those things were, but I figured it was an exaggeration.

It was not.

Don’t use FileMerge with 25mb files


How long does it take to use OS X’s FileMerge on a pair of 25mb files? Somewhere between 20m and 2 hours. I left my computer after 20m since it wasn’t done, but it was when I came back. At this point, I’m convinced I don’t need to worry about using PyPy with Skeinforge, so I can start saving time. Now if I could only quadruple the speed of my ToM…