Gas Muzzler

If you have an electric car, maybe you’ve had the problem of people asking how much it costs compared to gas. Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing and want to know the same information. Perhaps you’re used to most electricity prices but found a charge that wants to charge you per-hour. Is it a good deal? Gas Muzzler can help you find out.

Easily calculate equivalent gas prices based on :

  • Electricity price
  • Hourly price for a charging rate
  • Hourly price for a charging speed


  • Equivalent electricity price based on gas prices

Gas Muzzler is only available on iOS and requires iOS 14.0 or newer.


I was doing research on electric cars but wanted to be able to easily compare gas and electricity prices. Is $0.43 cents per kWh expensive? What about $1 per hour for level 2 charging? I didn’t know. So I took the opportunity to learn some new technologies and made an app to help me answer questions like the ones above.



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