Honda Odyssey Bumper Fix

Van fix (distance)

A few months ago I ended up damaging the bumper on my Honda Odyssey minivan. One day I noticed it looked like my bumper was falling off. As it turned out, the end of the bumper broke off right at the point where it was attached to the frame. It probably got caught on something when I was backing up; or maybe someone just hit my car.

Either way, it was a bit worrying. I didn’t want my bumper to fall off in traffic, and I didn’t want to risk going into an automatic car wash. Duct tape (you can remnants in the photo above) didn’t hold well and looked even worse.

So I did what anyone with a Makerbot would do, I designed and printed a fix. It glues onto the end of the bumper and provides a hole for the bolt that keeps the bumper on the car. I’ve been driving around with it for a few weeks now and it works great.

My Odyssey Bumper Fix is available on Thingiverse, if you should have the same problem.