I’ll Try to Post in 2014

Usually I try to post when I finish a project. Unfortunately, in 2013 many of my projects went unfinished because I got distracted. Does that I did finish I forgot to post about. I’ll try and do better. Maybe.

I’ve made two tiny changes to the site. On the right-hand side, I added links to my profiles on other sites. Since I almost never got real comments, I turned commenting off again. This probably has to do with my post frequency, but it’s not a big loss.

Have you noticed that almost every sentence I’ve written so far as a comma in it? My speech patterns may be too predictable.

have been working on projects. I crocheted a couple of new creatures, 3D printed some new figures (which I haven’t finished painting), did some knitting, and started learning Crosstitch. As usual there are some pictures on Flickr.

Another project I was working on is a clock made from an Arduino and two OLED screens. The clock runs, but I haven’t made a menu interface for it yet. After that it still needs to go into a box of some kind. The code I have so far is up on GitHub, along with the Chronodot library I wrote.

Finally, after enough years I finally gave up and joined Twitter. You can find me at @foobarsoft.