AI Challenge Entries Closed


The entry period for the AI Challenge has closed, and they’re doing the final games. I really haven’t updated my bot in two weeks or so. I had some more ideas to do and optimizations, but I never got around to it. In the end, it looks like I’ll be the 2nd place Clojure bot as one of the other that was more actively developed took a giant leap above me. I’ll be happy to try again next year.

AI Design Flaw


My bot has played two more games, and legitimately won both. But while I was thinking last night I came up with a bad realization: since my bot runs from enemy ants, it would run away from protecting the hills. This could allow a single ant to capture a hill that had lots of ants around it.

This hasn’t happened yet. I’d better put a fix in before it does.

Don’t use FileMerge with 25mb files


How long does it take to use OS X’s FileMerge on a pair of 25mb files? Somewhere between 20m and 2 hours. I left my computer after 20m since it wasn’t done, but it was when I came back. At this point, I’m convinced I don’t need to worry about using PyPy with Skeinforge, so I can start saving time. Now if I could only quadruple the speed of my ToM…